Entertaining at Home

Have friends coming into town for the weekend? Check out this template for easy cooking for a crowd.

Vegetarian Super Bowl (or any other time) offerings. Just because there isn’t meat….doesn’t mean there isn’t cheese!


Smoked salmon brunch. Insanely easy, insanely delicious, and healthy!

Steakhouse-style with no meat? Yes please! Grilled tofu, cheesy barley, and roasted veggies are only part of this great meal.

A great family cookout meal with a few easy make-ahead options for ease of entertaining on the day of – 4th of July perfect!

A Jamaican feast filled with spice, fruit, and FLAVOR. Plan this meal ASAP!

Sometimes you just need a great grilled menu. This is that menu.

Risotto, roasted veggies, seafood…perfect for the weekend!

A fun cookout menu for those of us not exactly counting calories. Delicious!

This easy cookout meal is light and healthy and won’t weigh you down!

Mother’s Day Dinner! Sundried Tomato Risotto, crispy meat, and a super simple and fancy salad and appetizer. Perfection.

Perfect for weeknight entertaining, this meal comes together in less than an hour and is GORGEOUS every time.

Make some curries and slaw and have Indian night! So simple, but SO delicious and restaurant-worthy.

Sometimes you just want to have your friends over for happy hour without a ton of planning. Here’s a great lineup of no-fuss appetizers for an impromptu girls’ night!

Baby showers don’t have to be stressful! Throw together a few simple appetizers, order a cake and flowers, add a veggie tray, and you’re good to go!

The perfect meal for entertaining on a weeknight or last minute that can be made almost entirely in advance! Baked spaghetti, garlic bread, and Caesar salad. Yum!

Such a fun party idea – have a taco night with fish tacos! Healthy, festive, and delicious

Making sushi at home just like in Tokyo really only involves a few simple ingredients, then everyone makes their own rolls at the table! This is a fabulous party idea.

Tempura at home is easy, fast, and delicious! Perfect for entertaining.

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