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Sushi SaladOh sweet glory it’s finally Friday.

I thought yesterday was Friday.  I thought that because I dreamed it was and sometimes dreams come true?  Not really.  Also, when I was kind of half awake and it was almost time to get up I heard a truck outside because my neighbors are expanding their house and large trucks are involved.  Also though, my trash gets picked up on Friday mornings and I could have SWORN that the truck was the garbage truck and I freaked out because I forgot to take the trash to the road.

But it wasn’t Friday. So the trash was fine and I was let down.

But TODAY is Friday!  I’m psyched because I have a blog date tonight with our friends from Struggling Home Brewer.  I made dinner and I’m taking it over and it’s, like, totally delicious.  See Instagram for evidence of said dinner, and I’ll tell you all about it next week.  Promise.

SO.  Remember a few days ago that I showed you the crazy easy spicy crab salad that tastes like the inside of a sushi roll?

Salad with hashi

WELL.  Also remember that the spicy crab would be a super duper great addition to homemade sushi for a fun dinner at home.

But sometimes you just want something quick and easy.  You don’t want to reconstitute shiitake, or make sweet egg omelette, or find fish that you can eat raw in your tiny BFE town.  Enter….sushi bowls.  I made these the other day for lunch, and they were so light and easy!

Serve with regular crab too

Basically, you just make some rice.  Sushi rice is flavored with vinegar and sugar, so just sprinkle a tiny bit of each over hot cooked rice.  I added some blackened sesame seeds too, but you don’t have to do that.  I was just showing off.

Serve as sushi

Then, find veggies.  Anything you like!  If you’ve been to a sushi restaurant lately you know that ANYTHING is fair game when it comes to sushi, so take cues from your favorite types of sushi.  I love cucumber and mushrooms, but asparagus, tomatoes and radish are all great choices too!  Then, you plop your super simple crab salad in the middle, and BAM!  Lunch.  So simple, so delicious.  I love the sweet crab flavor with the spicy mayo and fresh veggies, and of course you could make this different each time with anything you have on hand!

Sushi Salad

These are super fun for the weekend, and take just as long as it takes to cook and slightly cool rice.  I served the rice about 20 minutes after it was done cooking, so it was still slightly warm, which makes the vinegar flavor really pop.

Try these soon, friends.  They’re so great!