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You know what next week is?

It’s a day where we buy things for people we love, and single people pretend like having a significant other is the only way to feel love, which makes me feel sad, but I kind of get it because of all the commercials, and people eat food together.

That’s what your Valentine’s day looks like, right?

Mine actually started last night.  I cooked something yummy for you!  I’m gonna show it to you soon so you can plan to make it for your sweetie, or your mom, or your dog, or your friends.  Love can come from lots of places, people!

I think cooking on Valentine’s day is so fun.  First, you save money and irritation and time by avoiding restaurants.  Plus, it’s a nice gesture for people you love.  Plus, you can drink and not drive.

Everyone wins!

This, to date, is the most popular recipe on this blog.  It got picked up by Freshly Pressed (thanks!) about this time last year, and it is still something that gets lots of attention DAILY.

That is because it is delicious.  Seriously.  You want in on this.

Flaky white fish with a parmesan crust and a VERY sexy dill cream sauce.  I promise, anyone you love will LOVE this.

If you hate fish you can use chicken, I promise.  Just be sure to cook it all the way through.

Click here for the original post!  It’s one of my favorites, and definitely worth a look if you’re searching ideas for this weekend, next weekend, next Thursday, or whenever you’ll be celebrating this funny/polarizing holiday.