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Everyone has to eating dinner, right?

I do.

Sometimes, though, I’m really freaking hungry and really freaking lazy all at the same time and it’s so hard to motivate myself to make dinner but I know I should because eating out isn’t healthy or budget-friendly but IDON’TWANNACOOK so….

…it’s an internal battle.

When that happens, I need fast, easy things that aren’t going to take too much brain power to get on the table.

Let’s make a meal like that tonight, ok?  Fish with Lemon Caper sauce, Quinoa with veggies, and an easy salad.  Here’s the game plan:

We’ll make fish because it cooks in c. 5 seconds, which is always nice.  First, though, measure the water for quinoa (1 cup quinoa with the amount of water your package calls for) and bring it to a boil. Then, chop up any raw veggies you like to mix into quinoa.  We’re going to use this basic method BUT without the dressing.  The sauce from the fish will serve to season the quinoa!  Include any raw veggies or pickles or cheese that you’d like.

Then, start the quinoa once the water boils.  Set a timer so you’ll know when it’s done!

While the quinoa is cooking, grab some fish, garlic, parsley, lemon, butter, and capers.  Any fish you like is perfect!  Click here for the cooking method for the sauce.

For the fish, you can dredge then grill or just grill the fish in a hot skillet with salt and pepper on both sides for 3 minutes or so until it’s cooked through.  It’s up to you!

Then, set the fish aside and make the sauce.  Check on the quinoa – it should be almost done cooking by now!

Once the fish, quinoa, and sauce are cooked we’re ready to assemble!  Stir the prepped veggies into the quinoa with salt and pepper – no dressing.

Then, on a plate, add a mound of greens – any kind that you like for a salad!  Top the greens with a spoonful of the quinoa/veggie mixture, and top the quinoa with a piece of fish.  Spoon the caper sauce over the fish, and HURRAY!  Veggies, protein, and super delicious sauce all on one pretty plate.

Enjoy this guys – it’s so versatile and quick for any night of the week.  A great combination of two of my favorite dishes.  Enjoy!