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Macs are the worst computersoh MAN.

The year is over, folks!

I can’t believe it. Really.  What the heck?

I know I usually talk about food, and you know that if you’re needing motivation for what to cook over the next few days you can just head over to the recipes page, right?

I know you know that.  You’re an adult.

Instead of food, though, I thought it’d be nice if we talked about this year.  It’s been a doozie, and I don’t see 2013 calming down one bit.

Here’s what we were working with:

  • January – we didn’t eat meat for a month.  It was a blast, and now we eat meat less than ever.  The downfall?  Super Bowl Sunday.  Durn. 
  • February – we made cioppino for the first time.  For Valentine’s Day.  You should too!
  • March – I turned 26 and traveled every weekend for music work.
  • April – New York for Finals!  Ate here, and loved it.
  • May – we bought a house.  Jay freaked out every day for 3 months.
  • June – we watched Jay’s mom’s former dog for a week.  There was a lot of poop.  Homegirl was real cute, but not exactly potty trained.
  • July – went to the beach, to my favorite place in the world.  After home.  And every restaurant and bar.
  • August – catered our first wedding!  Zing. Success, and a blast.
  • September – giveaways on the blog!  There were a few this year, and there will be more next year.  I promise.
  • October – I made this dip, which I’m particularly proud of.
  • November – Jay turned 32.  Ew.  Also, I got all bossy and told you what you should make for Thanksgiving (or anytime, really) if you didn’t plan ahead and needed some fast food.
  • December – we made wedding plans.  Lots of wedding plans.  Jay freaked out every day for 3 months.

2013 will, at the very least, mean that I’m a certified yoga instructor, a married woman, and, if all goes to plan, as ridiculously happy as I am right now.

Happy New Year, friends!  What are your plans for tonight?