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Happy Two Days After Christmas!

I feel full.   I haven’t actually eaten anything in 15 hours or so, but I feel FULL from the past few days.  In total, we’ve had two parties, friends over for dinner twice, and 4 large family meals in the last 5 days.

It’s been rough on my jiggly parts, let me tell you.

So, I’m not ready to throw new recipes at you just yet, sorry.  That will resume tomorrow, I promise.

Today, though….I just can’t.

So, I’d like you to head on over to our Health Kick page.  On it, you’ll find lots of yummy recipes that have been lightened up just for weeks like this when the butter and cream and carbs are just too much to take.

I’ll be back to my regular self next week, I promise.

Click here for the page, or head to the salad section of the main recipe index – there are some nice fresh ideas in that section too!

Off to run laps around my kitchen, or something….