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Freaking out yet?

Christmas is tomorrow!

I’m psyched.  Jay and I are driving the full 17 minutes and spending the night with my parents tonight.  It’s gonna be fun, and it’ll likely send my father to an early grave, because according to him, we drink too much.

According to him, I said.

I have a great gift idea that you can give to ANYONE tomorrow, or later this week if you spread out your events like some folks do.

You buy a dish.  You make a casserole in said dish.  Then you take the casserole to the person you’re giving the gift to. They can freeze it or refrigerate it, depending on the casserole and when they want to eat it, and keep the dish as the gift?

I would seriously love this gift.  I love baking dishes and I love eating.  Know anyone else like that?  This is perfect for them!

And what to put in this lovely dish?  Chicken and rice is always a favorite – everyone likes it, and it’s so quick and easy.  You can freeze it, then defrost it for 24 hours in the fridge and bake until bubbly, or keep it in the fridge for a week before baking.

You could also do a side dish to serve at a holiday meal you’re attending.  I’d definitely recommend baked barley with Gruyere….so perfect, so cheesy, and just different enough.

Nothing is cuter in a baking dish than a pot pie.  Use chicken, shrimp, or all veggies!  You can make one big one or a few small ones of this version – cute, and easy!

Lastly, for vegetarians, a baked ziti would be exceptionally delicious.  Who doesn’t like pasta with marinara and cheese?

Ready to bake

I love casseroles like this, and what a great offering for a friend at the holidays when people are SICK of cooking after awhile?

Enjoy these!  What’s your favorite casserole?  I’d love to know.