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You didn’t get whooshed up did you?

Are we all gone?

Nope?  I’m fine.  If you are too then I guess we’re good to go for the next little bit.

Phew – that was close.

In other news, how’s that Christmas shopping going?  I have two more gifts to get and then I’m onto wrapping.  PHEW.  It’s been a long time coming!  I love giving things to people.  I especially love giving homemade gifts that people can USE.  There’s never anything wrong with some chocolate and a great bottle of wine, but you can totally make some things to give away and really blow people away.  It’s almost ALWAYS cheaper to make your own gifts too, so hurray for frugalitay!

Last year I made blackening seasoning for everyone and packaged it in cute little jars with the recipe on a card. People loved it (or they lied….), and it’s really customizeable – you can make some salt free for old men whose hearts are about to give out (sorry, it happens), add extra cayenne for spicy lovers, or leave it out completely for families with kids!  It’s a great useup for spices, too, and so yummy on all kinds of food!

Cupcakes in a jar are a great small gift too – for anything!  I just used this idea to ask my sisters and friends to be in my wedding next year, but this would be a great teacher’s gift, neighbor gift…you name it!

Add icing to first layer

And then, there’s spaghetti sauce….I just canned a bunch of it, and I’m giving it to tons of folks that I love.  Some people get it with wine, some people get it with a pasta serving bowl, some get fancy pasta and olive oil….you can package it with anything you’d like, and it’s a really fun way to make a personalized gift that you had a hand in making!

Let jars rest for 12 hours

What are you doing for last minute Christmas gifts?  Are you freaking out, or totally excited and READY for Tuesday?