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Happy Friday!

Fridays are just so wonderful and hopeful, don’t you think?  I have lots of fun plans this weekend, and I’m itching for them to start!

I also ordered something online that turned out to not be in stock, so that’s kind of a bummer.

What I’m saying is, I’m super emotionally conflicted right now.

I love Christmas decorations.  Everything’s so pretty this time of year, and using silly Christmas serving pieces at parties totally makes my life better.

So, I thought we could wrap up this week by talking about some super cute and dorky ways to make some delicious foods red and green, so that everything in the world can be Christmasy just for a little bit longer.  Let’s do it!

Roasted Tomatoes

You know I can’t go five seconds without demanding you make these, guys.  They’re SO delicious and easy – you just roast them for a few hours at a super low temperature while you make everything else! Then, serve them with green herbs as garnish, and you have a lovely red and green presentation – a sprig of holly would totally be extra credit, too.

Edamame Hummus

So easy, delicious, and healthy.  Serve with a sprig of mint on top and red peppers and cherry tomatoes for dipping.  Cute!

Caprese Skewers

Adorable, easy, and totally festive.

Cream Cheese with Pepper Jelly

This already has some green and white going on, but you could use TWO kinds of pepper jelly (jalapeno and red pepper) and spoon it in stripes or swirls over the cream cheese before serving with crackers.  Yum!


What else could we make red and green, I wonder?