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Layered eggplant with basilI know.


Because it’s Friday, I say we get a little creative with our Italian offerings, OK?

You know I love making eggplant parm.

I made it here for realzies, and then one time I added goat cheese to it.  I love goat cheese.

This time, though, I had some leftover steak.

I also had some leftover bruschetta – the same batch I showed you yesterday.


So I shredded the steak, and put a little pile of it on top of the crisped eggplant.

Then I topped that with a spoonful of bruschetta.

Bruscetta over eggplant parm

Then I topped THAT with mozzarella and broiled it as usual.

MAN.  I hardly used any of the steak and bruschetta; 1 tablespoon of each per piece of eggplant.  The flavors were huge, though, and the kick of the fresh tomatoes with the steak was unreal.

I do use my own marinara when I make dishes like this – it’s super simple and fresh tasting, which I like because it means there’s more room for the eggplant parm flavors to shine though!

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What toppings might be good besides steak and bruschetta?  Pine nuts and lemon zest?  Fresh parm, rosemary, and walnuts?  Shredded chicken, broccoli, and provolone?  This could go on for awhile….

Layered eggplant with basil

Happy weekend, everyone!