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Thanksgiving is tomorrow!


How annoyed are you of me telling you how to cook?

Hopefully not too much – this is the last day I’ll be dictating what you eat until the next time I feel compelled to share with you my thoughts on what I think you should eat.

But, Thanksgiving is TOMORROW.  That means that we need to nix annoying complicated dishes and stick with really simple stuff.  If you’re having a hard time coming up with some stuff to add to your menu or take to share tomorrow, no worries.

I’ve got ideas.  Click the recipe titles for the original instructions!

Green Bean Casserole

The old fashioned kind.  With canned beans, canned soup, milk, and canned onions.  You can do that.  It’s fast, cheap, and delicious.  OF COURSE you could get all weird and make your own, but you gotta have TIME to do that.  Today, we gots no time.


Need an appetizer?  Don’t cook it, assemble it.  Grab your favorite meats, cheeses, pickles, raw veggies, and a hunk of bread and call it antipasto.  It’ll be delicious, feel a little fancy, and no one will care that you just opened packages and laid everything out nicely on a plate.  I promise.

Toasted Chick Peas

Drain ’em, toss ’em in a pan, season ’em, and wait 10 minutes.  Done and done, and healthier than chips, too!

Garlicky Pull-Apart Bread

Whether you serve this as an app or at dinner, this is YUMMY.  The small pieces of dough are perfect for larger meals when everyone might not want a big dinner roll, and you can flavor this with any cheese or herbs you’d like.  Using premade pizza crust is so simple, and it bakes in just 15 minutes!