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Do you live in the South?

Around these parts, pretty much nothing can be planned on Wednesday nights except church.

If you aren’t a Wednesday-night church-goer, though, I can pretty much guarantee you have SOMETHING going on tonight that’s going to prevent you from spending 3 hours in the kitchen making dinner, right?

Thought so.

Now that things are getting a little colder, I just love really cozy dinners – foods that are easy to make but that warm you from the inside out.  Perfect for fall!

So, tonight, I recommend that you make some delicious, easy vegetable-potato soup. Check out this asparagus version here, then use whatever you have on hand!  As long as you have a bit of celery, onion, and potato you can REALLY add anything else you like, saute the chopped veggies for 3 minutes, cover them with stock, then blend them after 20 minutes with salt and pepper to make a healthy, creamy soup.  Whether or not you add cream at the end….that’s totally up to you.  There’s no need to measure, either.  As long as you have enough stock to cover the veggies and at least one small potato per person you’ll be good to go.

Now, what you serve alongside this soup is totally up to you.  If you’re a vegetarian and would like something a teensy bit lighter, make some garlic bread like this version while the vegetables are simmering in the soup – can you ever REALLY have enough garlic bread?  I can’t.

Or, if you’re feeling a little bit fancy and you’d like some cheese in your life, you could make one or two big italian-style quesadillas like I did here.  Serve a few wedges with each bowl of soup, and thereyougoyou’rewelcomefordinner.  I love quesadillas with weird things in them.   They’re so….weird.

Finally, if you’re feeling super traditional but a little bit fancy, why not make some of these tuna melts with caramelized onions?  It’s like grilled cheese and soup…but with tuna. And other flavors.  OMG that’s my pick.

So there you have it, kids.  A nice, healthy, hearty soup with your choice of bready item to take away any semblance of being TOO healthy.  Try one of these combos today, and let me know how it turns out!