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In honor of our friend Rory and his pretty fiance Jordan coming into town tomorrow for a show (he’s pretty famous.  you should know who he is), I totally need to tell you about the last time we went to see him perform in Charlotte and ate at this weird little grocery-store-deli-bar place for brunch.

It was weird.

But great.

But totally weird.

We ate at The Common Market in Charlotte, NC, and it was totally the type of place my partially hippi-fied manfriend loves to check out.

There are two Common Markets, which provided us with a bit of confusion, being out of town and staying in different hotels.  Everyone meeting at this cute place typed Common Market on their GPS and went to….the closest one to their person, which was NOT the same location.

Eventually, though, we all ended up at the South End location, on Tryon Street.  Apparently both Markets are wonderful, but the draw to the location we chose was that there was outdoor seating, which was great for us given that the weather was PERFECT.

When you walk in, the feel of this place definitely isn’t restaurant.  In fact, I’m tempted to say that the “feel” is “cluttered junky shop with Cliff bars and other related foods for people who don’t eat animals.”  However, once I got over my snobby meat-eating first impression, this place is seriously cool.  There are tons of refrigerated craft beers (and regular options too, if you aren’t too adventurous) that you can have opened once you make a purchase – Jay drank half a beer wandering around the aisles demanding every granola bar he saw.

In one corner of the market is the deli, which has a great selection of breakfast and lunch sandwiches, burritos, salads, and wraps.  The deli also has a nice selection of pre-made salads and sides like hummus and tabouli.  We tried a few items, like curried chick pea salad, and loved everything we tried.

This was definitely a community place; the back area (where we were sitting) was doubling as some sort of film set that day.  We loved feeling like we were witnessing local Charlotte life, whatever that means, and the food was fresh and delicious.  The fact that we could drink beer and eat lunch food at 10:30am without being judged?  Well, that was just icing on the cake.

If we lived in Charlotte I could absolutely see this as being a place I would shop at for fun extras to our regular food, and for a traveler it was a really cool place to get a nice lunch. They cater, too!  Super duper fun.  Click here for the full menu.

We loved it.  We recommend it.  That means you should try it.  We’ll be back!

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