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Do you ever feel like you have it all together, and then you plan a beach weekend with your girlfriends and get all excited and then you realize that you’re running yourself ragged and you’ve NEVER NEEDED TO GET AWAY MORE and you’re so grateful to have friends that you can escape your life with?


Fine. I’m alone in this quest to do everythingallatoncewithoutanysleep?  You people are just un-American.


I’m stressed.

And I’m going to the beach today!

And I’m REALLY happy about it.

Naturally, I made some food in advance, and prepped a few things that we’ll be having this weekend.  That’s the best part of going out of town!

Calories don’t count.

It’s true!

Tonight we’re having dinner here – we’re super duper excited and I’m already planning to be famished.  Which I always am, and we aren’t eating dinner until 9:30 so…done and done.  It looks delicious.  I’ll let you know how it is!

We’re celebrating Addie’s 30th birthday, and one of her favorite foods is fish tacos, so I’m making them tomorrow night.

Yum! Click here to see how I do it – whatever you do, don’t skip the green chili-beer-butter sauce.  Trust me.  The calories don’t count!

Champagne is already purchased, which is naturally a very important part of any girls’ weekend.

I made a crap ton of salsa, too – to go with the tacos and just because homemade salsa is easy and delicious.

And finally, I’m trying my hand at boiled peanuts again.  I don’t mean that I can’t make them.  I can, and they’re delicious according to regular humans. Jay’s northern friends (DC is north, yes?) had NO CLUE what to do with them when we were in the mountains a few weeks ago.  As in, they stared.  Then, finally, our friend Jon tried one, made a perplexed face, and said “oh, it tastes like a bean!”

I’m pretty sure that’s all it took for no one else to try one.

Anyway. Before THIS time of spending 4 days in my kitchen boiling these dang things (boil for two hours, have to leave house.  re-boil that evening, have to go to bed.  repeat.), I confirmed that at least one of my girls likes the peanuts.

And Jay’s already had several handfuls.  You know, to test the safety of the food that can never ever go bad because it’s been salted and boiled to within an inch of it’s life.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone.  I’ll be not thinking about work.  Or catering.  Or yoga. Or internship. Or addicts.

I will be thinking about you, though. What are you up to this weekend?