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Happy Friday!

We are addressing 2,000 envelopes and preparing to move offices at work today.

So, we’re bored, is what I’m trying to say.

Remember when we made those mushrooms a few days ago and talked about how nice it is to make restaurant-ish food at home?

Well, this is another great idea for a steakhouse-style meal – but with tofu instead of steak!

I like that.

Also, there are four ingredients. FOUR.  You’re welcome.

It’s delicious.  Here we go!

You need:

  • firm tofu
  • worcestershire sauce
  • steak seasoning (or coarse salt and pepper)
  • cooking oil

That’s it.  Sorry to be boring, folks.

Seriously, this is boring.  You need to press the tofu between two plates for as long as you can – drier tofu is steakier!  Go for at least an hour, but 3 or 4 is great if you have it.

I like to cut my tofu bricks into 4 slabs – I find that makes a nice portion, or you can eat 2 “steaks” and not feel too bad about the whole thing.

When the tofu is drained, douse it all over with Worcestershire, and sprinkle both sides with steak seasoning.  Let the tofu sit for 15-20 minutes to start to absorb the flavors.

Then, heat a grill pan, skillet, or outdoor grill to medium heat with some oil.  Grill the tofu for 7-10 minutes on each side until the Worcestershire forms a nice crust.

Don’t move it around too much – the crust might tear otherwise and then you’ll have to eat it all before dinner.  Yum.

And hey, if you’re feeling frisky you could always grill some fruit and veggies too!

That’s it!  The inside will be crumbly, the outside will be crispy…just lovely.

Enjoy this, it’s a great addition to a steak meal for non-meat eaters!

This is another Weekend Potluck submission – that fun thing that The Better Baker hosts along with Kim&JulieHollyBrandie, and Tabitha each Friday.  I love this idea!

Have a great weekend guys!