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Remember how a long time ago I used to harp all the time about how you just really really REALLY need to make roasted tomatoes for every single event in your life because they’re delicious and it’s a nice way to give people good food while making them like you?


If you did that, good!

If not, I warned you…it’s the fastest way to admiration.

And, it’s easy and totally not admiration-worthy.


You can also put the cooked tomatoes in a food processor and grind them up. Then, add a little more olive oil and some fresh parsley and BAM – roasted tomato dip!

I love the tomatoes both ways, but I have found that they are a bit easier to maneuver when ground up than when they’re whole.  They are prettier when they’re in large chunks, though….so it’s a give and take.

Either way you roll, don’t forget about this appetizer.  It’s a winner every time and I rarely leave home without it.

The original recipe is here – I used fresh tomatoes, but mostly I use canned ones and they work beautifully!

I mean, when I’m going to some sort of a party with food.

You know what I meant.