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No, not us you sillycakes. We don’t have time for that.

No but really, we don’t.

My friend Victoria is getting married today, and we’re catering some of the food!

It’s our first wedding, and we’re a leeeetle bit excited.

Our fridge, however, is thrilled to be losing 40 lbs of pork-weight.  It’s a freeing feeling.   I’m looking into creating a method for humans to do that while still actually eating pork.  I’ll keep you posted on that!

Anyway. Today, we’re serving a lovely array of food.

We’re doing sliced steak with chimichurri, but with CILANTRO-PARSLEY CHIMICHURRI instead of sage.  There are so many great ways to make chimichurri!

We’re also doing a smoked salmon display with lemon, capers, red onion, goat cheese, and GARLIC CHIVE CREAM CHEESE.  Shut up.  I’ll show you how as soon as I recover and get my a** back on the computer next week.

Finally, in regards to all that pork, we’re making pulled pork sliders with peach salsa – remember those from the last wedding shower we catered?  So easy, so delicious, and so addictive.  Barbecue is super duper popular in these parts, and these are little spruced up BBQ sandwiches!

I’m so excited for tonight.  Victoria and Jason have been together for a long time, are getting married on the lake, and lots of my friends are going to be there.  Couple that with the fact that I’ve been planning this or 2 months and cooking for 3 days?

Heavenly. I’m in heaven.