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Let’s make something tonight with lots of veggies, shall we?

We shall!

My vote is some couscous with herbs, a really fresh salad with cheese, and some grilled veggies with tofu.

That sounds good, right?

I know.

I’m starving, too.

This is a fast one, too! For the grilled tofu with soy-ginger sauce, press it between two plates to remove some of the water.  Make the sauce and preheat the grill while that’s happening!

Also, cut up any and all veggies you’d like – you can grill them while you grill the tofu!

So now we have pressed tofu, cut up veggies, and soy glaze.  Cut the tofu into any sized pieces you’d like – skewered or not, your choice.

This is the time to cut up any fresh herbs you’d like in your couscous – my favorite is rosemary, but use what you’ve got!

Let’s also go ahead and make a yummy tomato salad with feta and olive oil.  This should take you approximately 90 seconds.  Stick it in the fridge until you’re ready to eat it!

Now, get ready to hustle.  Measure the water/stock for the couscous (leave out the saffron if you don’t have any), get the pot started to toast the couscous, and dump the liquid over the toasted couscous.  Turn that bad boy to high.

While the couscous is coming to a boil head to your grill and drop your veggies and tofu – make sure your grill is nicely oiled!

Now, be a grownup and go turn down the couscous so it can simmer until it’s cooked through – use the package directions and set a timer for this!

See?  The couscous and veggies and tofu are cooking all at once.  Nice!

Grill the tofu and veggies until they’re nicely marked but not soggy or overdone.  Brush them with the soy mixture while they’re cooking!

When the couscous is done (even if the grilled stuff isn’t), remove it from the heat and stir in any butter or herbs that you’re using.  Taste it and add as much salt and pepper as you’d like!  Put the lid back on and leave it on an OFF stove (it’s cooked, duh) until the grilled food is ready.

When the tofu and veggies are done, serve ’em with couscous and tomato/feta salad. Add as many fresh herbs as you can to this lovely summer meal.

Happy Monday!