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This isn’t revolutionary.

It’s just good.

When we were at Fishy Fishy last time, in Oak Island, NC, we had some Jalapeno Hush Puppies.

WHOA, were they good.

We wanted to make them, but then something happened and we ended up with a soppy mess of oily, overly crunchy cornbread batter. I don’t know WHAT happened, but it wasn’t hush puppies by any stretch of the imagination.

So, I made mini-muffins!

Like I said, not ground breaking.  The flavor of jalapeno with cornbread, though…heavenly, in any form it presents itself!

Feel free to tell me how to make hush puppies and not wreck them, if you have a sec.

Here’s what you need!

  • 2 small containers cornbread mix, or equivalent homemade (stop bragging, I like boxed mixes)
  • egg, oil, and milk, according to your mix instructions
  • 1 fresh jalapeno
  • 2 tablespoons honey
  • 1 tablespoon paprika

Easy!  Preheat the oven as directed, mince the jalapeno, and mix everything together. I used a cute mini-muffin tin because I was having a party and wanted everything to be bite-sized.  You could cook these in a skillet, large muffin tin, loaf pan…whatever!

Adjust the cooking time accordingly, based on what you’re making.  I found that the tiny muffins took about 14 minutes – just until they’re golden on the outside and just cooked through on the inside – use your recipe for time hints too!

Serve these with butter, extra honey, or CHILI…..what!  Do it.

And tell me how to make hush puppies.