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It is pouring rain here today.

It has been pouring rain here today since early this morning.

It is cold.

Cold as in…under 80 degrees, which is FUH-REEZING this time of year in these parts.

So, why not have a cozy dinner tonight?  That’s certainly my plan!

This is a method my dad used when we were little and hated zucchini to get us to eat meat-free spaghetti while whining less that we were like other “normal” kids.  Ha.

It kind of worked!  By grating the zucchini and any other vegetables you’d like to incorporate, the texture of ground meat is mimicked nicely without adding any extra calories!

Make marinara as usual, then add grated veggies to the sauce.  Be sure to allow 10-15 minutes (or more, if you have it) for the sauce to simmer, cook the vegetables through, and thicken.  This step is important!

I love the texture grating veggies add to any sauce, and this one is no exception. Enjoy!