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Folks.  Got any free time coming up?

Like…ten minutes?

It wouldn’t kill you to make a big batch of salad dressing now, would it?

My two favorite vinaigrette are this Asian-style one and this Dinon version.  Both are SO good, and great to have around.


Grab and old jar (you save old jars, right?) or a new jar….or some other vessel of your choice, and make a double or triple batch of dressing.

Then use it for dinner tonight!

And lunches tomorrow.

And to dip bread in.

And to pour over roasted veggies.

You get the picture, right?  It is SO easy to throw together a variety of things if you keep some dressing on hand – then you don’t have to race around at the last minute, the flavors are nice and married, and all is right with the world.

I just love when the world is right, don’t you?