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There are a few things in this life that I don’t understand.

One of them is why some people don’t eat more.

The other is why it’s hard to give people money.

You try to make a doctor’s appointment at an overpriced neurologist.  It takes 12 weeks.  If I had any skills that allowed me to charge $1,000 hour I would WORK THROUGH THE NIGHT.

You make an offer on a house.  Seller may or may not want your money.

And then, sometimes, you ask people to click LIKE on your dang Facebook page so that you can hold your first Visa Gift Card giveaway.

They don’t do it.

It’s a mystery!

We’re close to 100 likes.  When that happens, the giveaway happens.

COME ON.  Please do this, for us.  We’ll love you more than we already do!