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Ohhhhhhh thisplace.

We loved it so much.

We also got in a weird fight due to alcohol consumption that night and then had to walk in the rain for a gazillion years to hear our friend Rory do some comedy, but I look great with wet hair (syke) and Jay has no hair so it all worked out.

That’s another story, though.


Dandelion Market in Charlotte, NC is a tapas-style bar with great atmosphere and great service.  We had no trouble getting a table since we ate early – the place was packed when we left, though!

When you walk in, the downstairs of Dandelion alllllmost reminds you of an Irish pub with dark wood, booths, high top tables, and a big bar.  The food, though, is NOTHING like standard bar fare!  We shared several appetizers from lamb chops to a pepper stuffed with  Italian sausage and crema (to die for), and loved everything.

Our server was friendly and helpful with our selections for beer, wine, and food – she knew what went well with everything and what we should expect portion-wise for each plate.

The only gripe I remember having with the entire experience is the “deconstructed caprese,” which was lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, and balsamic.  Fine, but compared to the other dishes the flavors were unmemorable.

It was hard to pick a favorite dish, but we both really loved the lamb chops with cherry glaze, of all things.  Delicious!

We loved everything SO much that after 4 rounds of food I insisted that we weren’t full and ordered the dang cheese plate.  It was a great way to end the meal, and we had a great time!

Definitely check out Dandelion Market if you’re in Charlotte soon.  It’s GREAT, and we can’t wait to go back.

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