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I’m not joking.

Last week Louisa, Jay’s mom’s dog, came to stay with us.

She’s really stinking cute.

The cuteness offsets the fact that she’s a puppy and not exaaaactly house trained.

She gave it a good faith effort, though.

She also isn’t aware that there is a difference between 65 pounds and 8 pounds, but whatever.

Once we got over the fact that EVERYTHING SMELLS LIKE EVERYTHING, things were pretty fun.

There were only a few minor scuffles during the course of the week.  Having three dogs was a great setup for lots and lots of cute puppy pictures.

Of course, Jay and I had a grand time determining who was thinking what throughout the course of the week.

We deciphered that Callie went back and forth from confused to excited to have someone to play with that wasn’t going to be able to bite a hole in her ear.

Louisa was constantly on the hunt for the right smell to signal her to empty her bowels.  That smell was commonly found in the dining room.

And then there was Jake.  A little slower, a little achier, and not overly interested in racing circles around the kitchen.

Poor Jake.  He just can’t keep up with the girls.

That can wear on an old guy.