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Happy Monday!

I’m going to tell you a story, now.

One day, awhile ago, my dogs were having their standard morning scuffle.

Our mornings go like this.

1. wake up

2. dogs rush outside to pee and make laps around any squirrels

3. dogs eat

4. dogs scuffle

It’s a very rough life they lead.

I was getting dressed in a hasty fashion, and the dogs were scuffling like always, when, suddenly, I heard a very loud, high-pitched YELP.

Not normal.

I checked the hallway, and among two wagging tails was….lots of drops of blood all over the floor.

And on the yoga mat, and on the pictures on the wall….

Apparently, Jake had gotten a little rough and snagged Callie’s ear – hence, the yelp.  Then, she came to show me, and decided to shake her ears out at the same time, because bloody ears itch, yo.

Bless her heart?  Is that what you’re thinking?


Bless MY MOTHEREFFINGHEART.  It was 5 minutes before I had to leave and I had to hastily clean up lots’o’blood and determine where I could go to work or if my dog would die while I was gone.

I went to work. She didn’t die. It was a lot of blood associated with a teeeeeeny cut. A teeny cut that has now left a permanent tear in her ear, but whatever.

She was kind of pitiful, though.