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We moved!

You know that.

Sorry to be redundant.

We took pictures when we moved, too!


We had a LOT of fantastic people help us move – we got everything from our apartment and a storage unit moved in two days, and we NEVER could have done it without 5 parents, 3 sisters, umpteen friends, 3 cases of beer, lots of pizza, and 2 boxes of wine.

Give or take.

We all looked great throughout the moving process, namely me.

Here’s my cute sister Olivia and her girlfriend Katie.  They helped a ton and even took on the wretched task of cleaning the old apartment.  You think you vacuum….until you move.

This is Jay’s childhood friend Wes!  He helped TIRELESSLY for the entire day and donated his wife’s car (thanks Sangeeta!!) and fetched his trailer from 45 minutes away for us to use!

That’s a dang good friend.

And, I’m sure you’re relieved to see that before all the furniture was even in the house I had commissioned family members to wash each of the wine glasses.

I’ve got priorities, folks.

The best part about moving was sitting on our deck late at night after the second day with familly friends talking about how grody everything was and laughing about how we had have no clue what we’re doing and won’t THIS be fun.

It has been, so far. 🙂