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Food Stories Award for Excellence in StorytellingHey, cool!  We got nominated for an award.

We actually got nominated for an award a LONG time ago, but the stupid butthole interwebs put the comment into spam and we missed it for awhile.

That’s, like, totally our bad.

And, it’s the interwebs’ bad too.

ANYWAY, we are so grateful to have been nominated for the Food Stories Award for Excellence in Storytelling, found over at the food stories blog.  We love this site and are grateful to have been included with such a wonderful group of peeps!

We also are REALLY glad that the sweet writer at FoodEverywhere found us and nominated us.  She writes GREAT articles about food, and includes LOTS of Asian recipes, tips, and restaurant reviews, which of course makes Lindsay tingle on the inside where her feelings live.

As part of the “we got nominated for this” requirements, we are required to share one random thing about ourselves.

Since our whole existence is random, this is hard.





Here’s a story about when we met.

Jay worked at a restaurant, and I was doing some music production work in Clemson, where he lived and worked at the time.  We knew each other through mutual friends, and he apparently spent an entire afternoon pestering our friend Weston for my number because he’d heard I’d be around that night.

Homeboy finally got my number, and we planned to meet for a drink after we were both through for the night. We did, but I was pooped, and lasted about 14 minutes before I decided it was time to drive the hour back to my house.

I should also mention at this point that I had no clue Jay was remotely interested in me and figured he’d have things with his actual friends to do that night.


It was freezing and late, so Jay sweetly walked me back to my car.  Then, I drove him to his car because it was freezing and late.

He directed me to a sketch “secret” parking area and had me pull up behind a 1993 Lincoln Town Car that I assumed he had parked next to.  He said “that one right there,” and I said “ha, driving grampas’ car tonight?”

I assumed he was kidding about which car was his.

He said “yeah, it was my grandfather’s car. He died in May.  I inherited it because I didn’t have anything else to drive after I quit comedy to come back and work on my degree.”

Uh.  See you never. Tonight was great.

Luckily, he called me again. And again. And now we are in lurrrve.

No thanks to me and my mouth, but still.  It worked out well, and Loretta the Lincoln is no longer in our lives.


As part of this process, we’d also like to nominate some other blogs that we love for this award! Take a wander around their sites – you won’t be disappointed!

  • Frugal Feeding – Nick is so great at photography, storytelling, and writing recipes.  We love him.
  • Our Life in Food – cute couple, great pictures, healthy food.  Zing.
  • HowSweetEats – hilarious, snarky, and so dang popular for all those reasons.  Love Jessica!
  • SprinkleBakes – we don’t bake much.  I stink at it.  I want to get better, though, and I read this site ALL THE TIME for inspiration!
  • BevCooks – another funny girl.  Love funny girls.  Love Bev’s food.  LOVE.

Thanks everyone for the encouragement to keep writing!  Your blogs are ALL wonderful and we just mayyy nominate a few more people for this great award soon.