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Do you like how I said that as if I offered you a new soup each day?

I’m sorry about that.

It has been gray and rainy the past 2 days that I’ve woken up at 5:30 to drag Jay out of bed to do yoga so that we have our chakras in alignment while we sit at our desks with our spines compressed all the live long day.

Also, it’s cold in my office.

Which, naturally, makes me think of soup.

So, I would like to offer a few arguments for making soup in the summer, and especially on dreary days like this one.

1. They are delicious.  Seafood?  Tomatoes?  Saffron?  Kill me.  This Cioppino is gloriously flavored and cozy, while still being light.

2. They are healthy.  I often use a potato pureed into the soup instead of heavy cream to add a thickness without calories.  Then I top it with cheese and bacon…but you don’t have to go that route.  Try this mixed veggie soup for an idea!

3. They’re made with cheap ingredients.  Ground meat and beans that make up chilis are hearty, healthy, and cheap.  Try a traditional chili or a lighter chicken chili for huge flavor on a budget.

Whatever your soup preference, don’t push these great options to the winter!   Some soups are great for summer, and one pot can last you a whole week.  Enjoy!