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Today is Thursday, which means tomorrow is Friday, and here in the US tomorrow is the beginning of a three day weekend!

We have Monday off to celebrate….Memorials.

I’m sure we’re celebrating people in various branches of the military, but that’s about as much as I know.

I’m surprisingly OK with it.

ANYWAY, patriotic apathy aside, people go to the pool and hang out and day-drink and have cookouts on Memorial Day Weekend!

So, I would like to present you with TWO menu options for this weekend.  The first, presented below, is a super easy and healthy cookout idea.  The ingredients all are low calorie and most of the dishes can be prepared ahead of time!

Done and done.

For appetizers, why not have a ton of salsa and peach pico de gallo made?  You can make it well in advance and set it out when people have had 6 beers and no food.

Just remember to serve with some veggies so people have an option besides chips!

For the main part of the meal, prep a big batch of strawberry cucumber salad – it’s so refreshing and delicious, and you just toss it together with the “dressing”(lemon juice and olive oil) at the last minute.

Then, make a big batch of blackening seasoning and sprinkle it all over some white-meat chicken and skewered shrimp.  When you’re about ready to eat, grill them until they’re just cooked through, then serve them on a big platter with lemon wedges.

For a great veggie side dish that can be served at any temperature, make a ton of roasted broccoli salad – it’s perfect hot, cold, or at room temperature!

For even more veggie options, cut up any veggies and potatoes you have on hand, sprinkle them with salt, pepper, and cooking spray, and grill them!  Zucchini, corn, tomatoes, and onions all work beautifully with this method.

Lastly, for something ELSE that can be made ahead and is kind of a fake carb, make some quinoa salad with lots of raw veggies!  It’s great as a potluck side dish if you want to be sure there’s at least one healthy thing in the meal you’ll be eating!

Whatever you make, enjoy the weekend and any time you have with family and friends!  Stay tuned tomorrow for a higher calorie meal – likely the one I’ll be choosing come Sunday.