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Yesterday, we made a sweet-ass broccoli salad that is just TOO delicious.

Also during that time we made a cup of flavored olive oil, which you did NOT need for the recipe.

So, what to do with the leftover oil?  You can’t throw it away!  It’s so garlicky and delicious!

Here’s what you do: Make antipasto!

That, my friends, is code for get-all-the-things-you-wanna-eat-out-and-dip-them-in-oil.

It’s fun!

Take the extra olive oil, and drizzle in any kind of vinegar you’d like.  I like to sprinkle some black pepper on top, too!

Then, serve with deli meats, cheese, lots of raw veggies, pickles, spreads….whatever you’d like!

The most important part, of course, is warming or toasting some bread to dip in the oil.  I like to tear it, but cutting it like a normal person would probably be fine.

This is a great snack if you only make a little, appetizer if you’re entertaining, or dinner!  It takes about 9 seconds to make, and you get a nice mix of veggies, protein, and bread!

And oil, which is definitely a food group.