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Yeah, I went there.

Last night, Jay and I went to give blood then promptly went to a local stage/bar/listening room dealio to see a band that was in town.

They started over an hour late, so we got tired and left before we got to see the band.

So, that was a bummer.  BUT, we both had yummy wraps and bar salads which, when prepared well, can be super delicious.

I don’t care, I like bar food.  Get over it.

If you’re thinking that my last night sounded really fun AND you want to eat some veggies AND you like massive salads with yummy dressing, this very well may be what you should make for dinner tonight!

Or lunch tomorrow.

Or on Saturday.

Blackened Chicken Salad with Blue Cheese Dressing

(click the links below for complete recipes)

First, make your own blue cheese dressing.  So easy, and flavorful and wonderful!

Then, make your own blackening seasoning – it’s so easy and you can keep it around forever!

If you don’t have time for that, you can certainly use any blackening or cajun seasoning you like – I won’t be offended!

Grab some chicken breasts (or fish) and sprinkle both sides with the blackening seasoning, then sear both sides until the meat is cooked through and brown and delicious and wonderful.

Now, grab all the veggies in your house that you like and chop them up, then pile them on a plate.

I like all the veggies.  That’s just me, though, so build a salad that you love!

Then, slice the chicken and layer it on top of the salad, and top the whole thing with blue cheese dressing.

NICE.  Happy Tuesday!