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Need something easy but delicious for dinner tonight?  Something that reminds you of a spring barbecue?

Me too.

Salads are great and all, but I’d rather eat veggies that involve meat and cheese.

That’s just me, though!

Click the links above the pictures for the entire recipe!

First, make your own (or use storebought) blackening seasoning and sear some chicken sprinkled with it.  Or fish, or steak, or whatever….you can’t go wrong!

Then, add some green to your life with a light and refreshing poppyseed slaw – its sweetness counteracts the spice of the blackened chicken!

Last, make some smashed cauliflower.  It’s light but creamy and comforting all at once!  Add some blue cheese and fresh herbs or any other mix-ins you’ve got if you’re feeling creative!

For this meal, you won’t spend more than 30 minutes cooking if you do things in this order:

  1. start the cauliflower
  2. make the blackening seasoning
  3. sprinkle chicken with blackening seasoning, heat up pan
  4. make the slaw dressing
  5. sear chicken – turn to medium to finish while you prepare other two dishes
  6. toss dressing with cabbage
  7. mash cauliflower
  8. EAT

Happy Tuesday!