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Two weeks and one day ago my littlest sister turned 17.

She’s taller than me, the butthead.

In my family, we celebrate birthdays with a meal together, presents, and chocolate cloud cake, which you can learn to make by clicking this link.

It’s like, totally worth it.

We’re really big on personalized decoration of cakes.

This particular blowing out of candles was a huge cluster.  Multiple people had to be involved.

Because, you know, my sister is old.

But, not as old as me.

This present?  It was her favorite, I think.

It was a new zoom lens for her camera!

She’d been wanting one, and our parents totally got her one.

We sort of…lost her…after the got it installed on her camera.

Luckily, though, there was one more present to keep her attention….what massive company just celebrated 100 years of delicious chemicals and fat and calories and excessive consumption?

Bingo.  Excellent gift.  It was a great day – birthdays are a great fun time to get together and laugh and eat and take pictures that other people don’t want to be taken of them.

Happy Birthday, sweet sister.  Stop getting taller now!