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I talked earlier today about how I love love LOVE all the fun side dishes that you can get here in South Carolina with good Southern food.

At some restaurants, and option is to ONLY order sides, which is just wonderful.  Who WOULDN’T want to do that?

I can do without meat.

So, for dinner tonight, why not make a bunch of side dishes into a complete meal?

First, why not make some squash casserole?

Then, for a fun twist, roast some carrots whole – they’re so pretty on the plate that way!

Then, quickly saute any veggies you have – these asparagus took 2 minutes with just a dab of olive oil and salt!

Give everyone a piece of bread or half a baked potato, and you’re all set:  protein, dairy, starch, and VEGGIES GALORE all on one pretty plate.