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Need an idea for dinner tonight?

Make Southern food!

For realsies, this is good.  AND, it’s almost the weekend, so you can have a fun themed meal to get excited for Friday!

First, make some super easy pickled onions and mix them with tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, or any fresh veggies you like!  Stick them in the fridge until you’re ready to eat.

Here’s the recipe!

Then, grab some super affordable and easy to prepare cube steak – it’s delicious and wonderful!  Make some white rice to go with it, too.

Now, on the side, make something fast and easy – you’ll have gravy, so it can be anything that tastes good with gravy.  Which, is everything.

I’d do some roasted carrots or broccoli – both easy and healthy!

Now, if you really want to go nuts you can grab a box of cornbread mix (or make your own, fancy-pants) and make some flavored corn muffins…YUM!

Cube steak is good, guys.  You can make some great sides to go with it and literally be EATING in under an hour with this line-up.  Then you can make the rest of your peeps do the dishes!

Happy Thursday,