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Lindsay and I are on Day 10 of being meat free, and surprisingly I have not yet hallucinated strips of bacon gift-wrapping themselves around tender beef filets. I haven’t suffered withdrawals from pork, or found myself driving past McDonalds that aren’t on my way home. All in all this has been a pretty successful vacation from meat, with the exception of my sample of baby back ribs during the Super Bowl (I had to try my friend’s new recipe!).

The best thing that has happened from me and Lindsay venturing away from meat is that it has fueled Lindsay’s creativeness in the kitchen. Necessity is the mother of invention, and Lindsay has given birth to some amazing new meals. My favorite thus far was her Vegetarian Burritos. I do not care for mushrooms (unless they make me see clowns dancing in my eyebrows), but Lindsay made a burrito that was full of them, and I loved every bite! She basically made a substitute ground beef filling for the burrito, with refried beans and cheese. It was so good! She made mine extra spicy, which made it even better.

In addition to Lindsay creating new dishes, she has been preparing my lunch to take to work everyday. I am really enjoying the influx of fruits, veggies and granola. Peppers with humus, baby carrots, and an apple a day to keep the doctor away (that was actually my official medical coverage when I was doing stand-up). And this experiment has also provided me with a lot of salad lunches, which are great with Lindsay’s homemade salad dressing. Seriously, you could put it on shoe leather and I’d be a happy camper.

And this challenge has even inspired me to get in the kitchen. I made my first veggie meal too. Lindsay has school on Tuesday and Thursday nights, so I took it upon myself to prepare a veggie meal for us (however, it wasn’t so healthy). I made a Cauliflower Soup that was pretty damn tasty (I wasn’t fishing for a complement, but I like what I caught when Lindsay tasted it).

As February rolls along I’m looking forward to many more creative dishes served up by my pretty lady friend. With her Ginsu sharp culinary mind and fearfulness in the kitchen I’m sure I’m in for a few more monumental meals that normally are not apart of our regular diet.

Happy Eating…


P.S. Can anyone remind me what bacon, beef jerky, chicken wings, pork loin, pork rinds, and cheeseburgers taste like?


P.P.S. (hehe, I said Pee Pee) I’ve really started to look down on fat people eating massive quantities of meat. I know…it’s wrong.