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Happy Thursday! Here’s my idea for a lovely, easy salad that you could make tonight.  It’s simple, fresh, delicious, and filling without being crazy unhealthy.

Make this tonight!

Pick your favorite salad dressing, and whip up a batch.  For health and financial reasons, there is NEVER a reason to buy salad dressings in the store – it’s so easy and delicious to make your own!

My favorite dressing is dijon vinaigrette – click here for my super easy recipe.

Gather up any and all veggies that you have on hand, and arrange them on nice plates – go nuts with veggies!  I add salt, pepper, nuts, and grated or crumbled cheese too….whatever I feel like!

Then, grab some chicken or fish and make this super easy dredged recipe – instant crispy chicken!

Let the chicken rest for a minute once it’s finished, then slice it and serve it over the salad with whatever dressing you chose.

Perfect, fast, and delicious.  Make big salads tonight!