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We’re still working on making our Health Kick page full of good food and advice for healthy living, and this is one of my favorite healthy snacks!  Popcorn in bulk is CHEAP as all getout, and if you pop it yourself you’re saving tons of salt and calories that you’d find in microwave popcorn bags!

Stovetop Popcorn

  • Popcorn Kernels
  • Olive oil and/or butter
  • Seasoning – salt, pepper, herbs, whatever you like!

I use a big pasta pot and end up every time with a MASSIVE quantity of popcorn – enough for 4 or 5 people.  You can flavor the popcorn any way you like – I use cajun seasoning and parmesan cheese for a delicious, spicy flavor.  I also have some weird popcorn popping oil, but olive oil works just as well and is healthier, so use that instead!

To start, heat about 2 tablespoons fat in the bottom of the pot at medium-high – I use a combination of butter and oil for flavor.  Your pot will need to have a lid, but other than that any pot will work great!

When the oil is hot cover the bottom of the pot with popcorn kernels – just enough to cover with a few bare spots.  If you put more kernels than that your popcorn will overflow!

Note: if the oil is very ripply or smoking, take the pan off the heat for a few minutes to cool it down.  If you add the kernels when the oil is too hot they’ll burn and taste grody – be patient!

Once you’ve added the popcorn cover the pot and let the magic happen!  The kernels will start to pop within a few minutes.  When they do use a dish towel or oven mitts to shake the pan with the lid still on.  Just shake it once or twice.  When the pot is filled with popcorn and there is silence between the pops your snack is done!

Dump the popcorn into bowls and add seasoning and a pat of butter if you’re not concerned about calories – butter-flavored cooking spray works really well here too!  Toss the popcorn around with your hands and taste it until it tastes perfect to you.

You could season this 1,000 different ways and it will be delicious every time.  Why not cinnamon and brown sugar next time?  Get creative, and let me know what you come up with!