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Things We’re Thankful For:

  1. Each other
  2. Our families
  3. Two-ply toilet paper
  4. Callie and Jake
  5. Our sisters
  6. Sarah Palin
  7. Families that have encouraged us and supported us through fabulous and not-so-fabulous growing-up choices
  8. Humans who care to read our ridiculous thoughts!
  9. Our BFFs
  10. Food.  All of it.

Things Jay’s Thankful For:

  1. Narcotics
  2. iPhone
  3. The courage to try new things, fail, and get back up again
  4. New suits
  5. Indoor plumbing

Things Lindsay is Thankful For:

  1. Bacon
  2. The ability to fry things
  3. Being generally accepted as a fake-Asian
  4. Music and the beautiful people that my work in music has allowed me to meet
  5. Health after a very trying year

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!  What are you thankful for?