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We were, like, totally nominated for the Versatile Blogger award by our internet friend Kibble – check out her blog today.  We were super pumped that she liked us enough to nominate us!

Here’s How This Thing Works:

(Jay hates rules, unless he’s breaking them. Lindsay loves them. Really, really loves them. She also loves calendars. And organizing things. And planning things. And never changing plans ever.)

  1. Thank and link to the person who nominated you. Thank you Kibble! We were thrilled with the nomination!
  2. Share seven random facts about you….everything is random about us!
  3. Pass this award on to five new blogging friends.
  4. Contact and congratulate the awarded bloggers.

7 facts:

  • Jay isn’t really gay, but he IS really smart, handsome, well-hung…no, wait, these are suppose to be facts. Never mind.
  • Lindsay is really crazy. Like, totally nuts. Bat-shit wacky!
  • We only have sisters! Jay has two and Lindsay has 3. That’s why Jay is so effeminate. He’s like Mel Gibson from “What Women Want”, except he doesn’t dislike Jewish people.
  • Lindsay lived in Japan for 4 years and is trying her darndest to renounce American citizenship.
  • Jay is afraid of suddenly developing horrible body odor and being the smelly person in the room, and he’s also afraid of having to go poop in a public toilet.
  • Lindsay has sensitive skin and it hurts her to have a massage. However, boxed wine seems to remedy this affliction.
  • Jay loves to whitewater kayak & Lindsay loves to sing.

5 sweet-ass blogs:

1. Brett is our friend from the restaurant where Jay used to work, and he has a fabulous blog about the Upstate, where we live!  http://upstateunderyournose.blogspot.com/

2. http://www.bakedbree.com – a larger blog, this one has FABULOUS cooking tips and tricks.  I love it!

3. http://www.ourlifeinfood.com is also amazing; a young couple trying to be healthy and try new things all the time.  YUM.

4. This is a tie – inaweoftwo.blogspot.com and joshanderinsmith.blogspot.com – two young families struggling with preemies who need your love, support, and prayers. Visit them today and track their babies’ progress.

5. frugalfeeding.wordpress.com – a fabulous blog about food, health, and travel – we love it and remain jealous that we are dumb Americans.

We love tons of blogs and are always looking for new inspiration for ours – congrats to you 5 for taking up the most time of each of our workdays!

Thank you again Kibble!. We’re loving blogging and can’t wait to read more of what the blogosphere has to offer!

L & J