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10. In the afterlife, I get to see other people…in Hell/Party Central.

9. I can pretty much blame God for His poor planning when I screw up.

8. It’s fun to try and corrupt someone!

7. It’s fun to try and not let yourself get corrupted.

6. They love wine! Apparently, it’s the blood of their Savior and contrary to the “Good Book”, it’s a boxed Pinot Grigo.

5. It’s nice to see her get dressed up at least once a week. (Seriously, Lindsay in a sundress is ravishing.)

4. Just in case the rapture comes, I’ll treat it the way you do when getting into a club. “Wait, no, I’m with her!”

3. God wants me to watch football/play golf/drink beer/not do yard work. Honey, it’s a day of rest…not chores. His word, not mine.

2. It’s a good excuse to go on vacation to Israel again. I’ll listen to the stories for some good middle-eastern food. (it’s a cool trip, fer reals)

1. Premarital sex is more fun because you’re breaking the Law!


* Never take anything that I say seriously, except #6. Sundresses were made to be worn by Lindsay. She really puts some sunshine in it.