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Oh, hi!  I’m glad you’re here.  If you aren’t bored of reading about Jay yet (I’m not, either), now you get to hear about me.

I do lots of things.  There’s no other way to put that.  I don’t do any of them particularly well, but I love singing, cooking, dancing, entertaining, and, these days, hot yoga.  I love that A LOT.  I’ll tell you all about it sometime and why you should do it too and make your body all sexified.  Besides the things I like to do, I also work at a Corporate Computer Company, produce singing competitions, and am a student working towards becoming a therapist.  Those things are fun too.  We’ll talk about them later, if you want.  My workplace has lots of incidents that make us great candidates for the reality version of “The Office,” so it’s never dull.

Apparently Jay and I met at lunch one day last fall in Clemson.  I barely remember this.  I barely remember anything, as a general rule.  I DO remember a man that I didn’t know there carrying an absolutely ridiculous and horrifyingly unstylish doctor’s bag.  I made fun of it.  I remember that.  Interestingly, said bag makes its way into my house lots of weekends, and I’ve never said anything about it until now.  If it one night gets covered in peanut butter and the next morning the dogs have chewed it to shreds, well, then, you can’t really control dogs, can you?  I had actually seen Jay perform in Greenville a few years prior, and he was moderately funny.  I laughed a little, so that’s a good sign.  On the way back from lunch my coworker/friend Austin told me things he knew about Jay and the other guys there since I only knew one of them.  Austin drives a BMW and doesn’t ever carry a doctor’s bag, but he’s a butthead (sorry dude, you know it’s true).  I blame the car.

So, we met.  And then, a few months later, we met again, through Jay’s bff/life partner (Jay, do you think Adam knows we’re talking about him here?), who I went out with once.  I’ll tell you all about that some other time.  Luckily, Jay’s bff liked me SO much that he decided to save me for his best friend Jay (I just know it), and never called me again.  So, Jay and I met, had some drinks in Clemson when I was there for work or school, talked a lot, laughed a lot, talked some more, laughed some more, and started spending lots of time together.  I loved how easy it was for us to be together and how much we had in common.  It took me awhile to catch on to the fact that he was interested in me, but I was super psyched when I figured it out, for several reasons.  1. He’s cute.  2. He’s funny.  3.  I wanted to kiss him, and that’s weird if the other person doesn’t like you that way.  Immediately after we started telling our friends that we were together, everyone informed me that he was/is Atheist, which is mildly problematic for a girl who spends lots of free time at church singing and worshiping and fellowshipping.  But, due to the three aforementioned reasons I ignored them and we started dating.  We’ve had some…issues…separations…fights….breakups…and other road blocks, but we like each other enough that we’re working through it, due to the three aforementioned reasons that have now been mentioned thrice.

So now we’re together and navigating lots of changes in our lives that we’ll bore you with on another day.  We think we’re pretty great together, and I appreciate that he puts up with my nagging, crazy-girl episodes, drunk texting, and general bossiness.  I bring very little to the table other than the ability to test someone’s anger management, so I’m glad he’s put up with me this long.

We’re going to Asheville this weekend to see some comedy friends, so I’m sure we’ll have lots to tell you when we get back.